Conservatory Convocation

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Conservatory Convocation

Date: 03/05/2021
Time: 7:00 PM

We will enjoy Conservatory Convocations virtually this year. Although we will miss the energy generated by the entire Conservatory family in community, we have the opportunity to experience these Thursday afternoon performances simultaneously via live stream. This week’s Student Convocation Recital Series features: J Michael Arkangel, piano; Genevieve Cecile, composition; Madelyn Deininger, voice; Helen Kohler, piano; Dante Freund, composition and violin; Eric Siegle, tenor; and Katie Sharp, flute. 

A few minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin, simply click on the link below and be sure to adjust your speakers. Finally, sit back and enjoy the outstanding performance.



If you are unable to log in simultaneously to the live performance, the recording typically remains available throughout the remainder of the day, so you will be able to enjoy the program that evening as well. For a complete list of live stream events, visit