Opera: “Alcina”

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Opera: "Alcina"

Date: 10/12/2021
Time: 8:00 PM

Boesel Musical Arts Center
49 Seminary St



You are invited to a Baldwin Wallace Voice Performance Fall Mainstage Production outdoor performance on the steps of the Boesel Musical Arts Center. The show runs October 11-14.

The enchantress, Alcina lures unsuspecting lovers to her magical island where she captivates them under her spell. When she craves new affections, Alcina calls upon her magical powers to transform her cast off lovers into all manner of wild beasts, trees, and rocks to reside with her as trophies on the enchanted island. Through her sorcery, this mystical huntress has amassed a collection of her prey. The knight, Ruggiero is the latest victim under Alcina’s lustful spell.  Ruggiero’s fiancé, Bradamante has braved the high seas to rescue her beloved from Alcina. Bradamate is in disguise as her own brother, Ricciardo, and she is accompanied by her guardian, Melisso who is himself a sorcerer of somewhat lesser power than Alcina. With the help of a magic ring that will reveal the truth to Ruggiero, the two plot to break Alcina’s spell over Ruggiero and to release the others held captive on the island. Alcina’s sister, Morgana greets Bradamante and Melisso when they arrive on the island. Alcina arrives to greet her new guests accompanied by the commander of her royal guard, Oronte and the beguiled Ruggiero. Alcina is intrigued by her guests and asks Ruggiero to give the recently arrived prey a tour of the royal island. Despite being engaged to Oronte, Morgana immediately falls for Bradamante believing she is really the handsome Ricciardo. Oronte, jealous of Morgana’s affections for Ricciardo (the disguised Bradamante) and challenges him to a duel. Morgana intercedes to protect her new love, and Oronte plots his revenge planning to convince Ruggiero that Alcina is infatuated with the newcomer, Ricciardo. Bradamante and Melisso meet the young boy Oberto, who in search of his father (another of Alcina’s victims) adding urgency to their quest. The intricate plot continues to weave a spell of deceit, lust, revenge, forgiveness, and redemption. Join us on this journey to Alcina’s magical island to discover how far each will go for love.

Ticket Information:

  • 50 reserved seats for each performance: $25 ea.
  • FREE General Admission Lawn/Street: First come first served, please bring your own chairs or blankets and claim your spot for each performance.
  • Reserved Ticket Holders and Lawn/Street Audience Members are encouraged to enjoy the fare from the on-site food trucks:
    Tuesday, 10/12 cancelled
    Wednesday, 10/13  Fire & Ice
    Thursday, 10/14  Fired Up Taco

Photo by: Kevin Ng