FOCUS Festival: Discussion with composer Omar Thomas

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FOCUS Festival: Discussion with composer Omar Thomas

Date: 02/15/2024
Time: 3:05 PM

Gamble Auditorium, Kulas Musical Arts Building
96 Front St

2024 FOCUS Festival composer Omar Thomas begins his residency with a Conservatory Convocation discussion session.

Watch it live

Can’t make it to the performance in person? We’ve got you covered. A few minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin, simply click on the link below and be sure to adjust your speakers. Finally, sit back and enjoy the outstanding performance. Note: Live stream performances are not available for replay.


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About the Artist

Omar Thomas is a renowned classical music and jazz composer known for his inspirational works that cover the range of human life, from immense joy to deep tragedy and everything in between. Omar’s music has been performed in concert halls all over the world, and continues to move listeners with its elegant, beautiful, and clear emotional intent. Click below to watch The Music and Work of Omar Thomas. Omar discusses his early start in music, thoughts on Black History Month, and the inspiration behind some of his most seminal works.


Learn more about Omar Thomas HERE


Photo by: Izzy Berdan