Amplify 2024
Book & Lyrics by Steven Sater
Music by Duncan Sheik

AMPLIFY 2024 details Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music’s strategic direction for 2021-2024 that focuses on strategies that drive personal and professional growth through artistic practice while developing programs responsive to the rapidly changing needs of current/prospective students, alumni, and the field.



  • Empower graduates to build fulfilling lives and sustainable careers aligned with their values and passions
  • Deliver and communicate clear value to students
  • Advance and shape the fields most served by the Conservatory's core majors
  • Expand the role of the arts in community, workspaces, social justice, and daily life
  • Be a leading brand at BW, serving as a cultural driver for the University


  • High-placement programs with strong connections to the field and sequenced curricula that is responsive, experiential, and provides professional opportunities during the degree program
  • Inclusive, Liberal Arts approach to artistic training - development of diverse, versatile arts professionals through entrepreneurial thinking, broad, inclusive artistic skill sets, and cultural capacities
  • Student-driven artistic and educational programs that engage audiences and build communities


  • Consistently refreshed curriculum, developed through constant contact with industry professionals and alumni, to equip students for graduate programs, established career tracks, portfolio careers inclusive of multiple styles/genres, teaching, and successful pivots to non-arts professions
  • Vibrant atmosphere of music-making
  • Supportive, undergraduate-only environment with high level of contact with faculty
  • Faculty members that model desired student behaviors/mindsets
"Developing the AMPLIFY plan over the last 18 months encouraged BW Conservatory faculty and staff to learn new skills in collaborative leadership which will support our shared focus moving forward. With an eye toward innovation and inclusion, watch for new curricular development, programs and initiatives to enhance the BW Conservatory student experience and pave the way for successful professional outcomes.”Susan D. Van Vorst, Dean, Conservatory of Music, Baldwin Wallace University


Six areas of focus guide the BW Conservatory’s strategic investment to advance the goals and vision set forth throughout the AMPLIFY plan. These include: